Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Vancouver Marathon Training - Week 9 - HALF WAY!

Due to scheduling issues I compressed my week of running into 3 days, getting in a total of 36K between Monday and Wednesday. This is not advisable. I was very sore by the end of the long run on the third day and the ol' legs complained pretty loudly on Saturday when I hit the slopes.

I must also confess that I missed my scheduled "sorta long" run (11K) because: 1. I was physically incapbable of running on Friday and 2. I decided to ski for 3 days straight Saturday through Monday.

No regrets.

Monday - 6K (Approx.) - 5 min. run/1 min. walk x 8 with Clinic
For the first time as a clinic run leader I felt the group run was strenuous enough to count toward my weekly training. It was nice not to have to go out running on my own as well. Things are getting more efficient in my life! The group did surprisingly well and very few people have dropped out. Seems we're doing something right. Who knew?

Tuesday - 6K - Lunchtime Run
Snuck out of the office to meet my lover for a little running in the afternoon. Livin' on the edge again...

Wednesday - 24K - Night Time Run with Hills
Brought my trusty little AM/FM radio and caught a very good Canucks Game on the Team 1040. Very good entertainment for the long, slow run. Just like sitting on the couch with a bowl of chips. Except not.

Thursday - Rest
Rest in terms of my training schedule, however as this was the night before the "big important" deadline I stayed at work until 11pm. Oh well, what's another 14 hour day...sigh. Can you hear the violins?

Friday - Rest
The "big important" deadline crunch at work is O-VER (for now...). So I can focus my energy on IMPORTANT things in my life, like sportsbras, electrolytes, and toenail care.

In full celebration mode, I picked up one of my BFF's from the airport to head up to Pemberton for a 3-day weekend of skiiing. Work shmerk.

Saturday - Cross-Training (FULL day of downhill skiing)

Awesome. Two words: new snow.

Sunday - Cross-Training (Another FULL day of downhill skiing)

Wicked trees AND bumps. 'Nuff said.

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