Monday, March 31, 2008

Vancouver Marathon Training - Week 13

Another great week of getting ALL of my required runs in! Yay! I have to say it took a considerable amount of effort to do it since I did have sleeping problems and was, subsequently, tired a lot. I also decided to cram ALL my month's socializing in this week for some reason. It was great to see so many of my buds, of course, but man, did I eat out a lot! It's just as well. My lunchtime workouts are a thing of the past for now since all of the week's runs have gotten longer. Guess I can't squeeze them into the workday anymore! Monday - Cross-Training 40 minutes of FREE yoga (Yogamazing podcast - see my "Delightful Websites" list) Tuesday - 8K Sun Run InTraining Clinic Run The group did a total of an hour running along with some walk breaks and did really well. We kept the pace fairly conservative and I think that helped. My sister, TM, made a special appearance and seemed to have enjoyed the whole group running concept. I am pretty sure that's the longest run she's done in recent memory, so good on ya' T....! Everyone survived with few complaints and the majority stuck around to stretch afterwards too. Wednesday - Rest Of course, this WAS supposed to be the 14K run day - but I was busy being social so I didn't make it out.... It is just as well because we had some weather issues today. First it started to rain and then the rain became THICK rain which soon turned to wet snow...And as if THAT wasn't enough we got this tremendous thunder and lightening storm along with it which was accomanied by some lovely hail. It was unreal for March. Dude, I am SO ready for summer. Note to self: plan a WARM weather vacation for early Spring '09. Thursday - 14K Sunset Run Along the Seawall Wednesday's run pushed to Thursday....It was super cold and I really didn't want to do it. For one thing I put away all my warm hats. So I bought a random new warm hat on my way home from work and went out. It was fine most of the way but I got super tired toward the end and walked the last couple of km. The last block or two from my building it started to hail and all hell broke loose. People started running around not looking where they were going and some guy plowed into me, full force. Oh well, what can you do? I seem to be unharmed. Took an ice bath afterwards because I noticed a lot more general achiness than usual. It helped. Nutritional note: Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT eat lentil-laden soups or other bean-oriented meal items on the day you are going for a fairly big run. Trust me. Friday - 6K Afterwork Run Thursday's run pushed to Friday...Despite the fact there was a FULL ON BLIZZARD (!?!?!) in Vancouver this morning I did mnage to get this run in. The worse of the weather was over by lunchtime and I did this run around 4:30pm. Ate a lot of carbs and especially sugar-laden treats today. Feeling kind of bad about it but hoping it will all balance out this weekend. I am very happy to have accomplished 3 out of my 5 required runs this week so far, but I'm extremely worried about being able to do the 29K on Sunday. I've definitely noticed a lot of soreness in my knees and ankles lately. Gulp. Saturday - 6K (roughly) Friday's rest day pushed to Saturday. I did a trail run today behind our house and I wasn't able to measure it exactly. So I ran for 18 minutes and then ran back...AND boy do I need it. BIG huge run tomorrow.

Sunday - Long, Slow Run - 29K Saturday's long run pushed to Sunday...DID IT!! It took about 3:15 to finish. I felt great for 2 hours (about 20K) then got a bit sore and tired. Especially my hip joints (?). Weird. Anyway, big accomplishment! I feel better now about my Half Marathon race next Sunday

Week 13 Summary: Total KM Required: 57K

Total KM Completed: 57K

Monday, March 24, 2008

Vancouver Marathon Training - Week 12

I'm happy to say this was a week of perfection for me! I got all my scheduled runs in and feel good so far. Monday - Rest Today I rest and focus. I have to stick to my schedule from here on out. Hopefully switching from Hal Higdon's Novice II to Novice I program will make it a bit more do-able for me. I am really freaked out about being ready for the marathon in 6 weeks. Tuesday - 4 miles/6K Actually I think we did more like 8K with the Running Clinic today but who's counting? 68 minutes of running total with walk breaks. Wednesday - 8 miles/13K Ran home, full 13K - felt good (and warm enough this time). Thursday - 5 miles/8K I'm up in Pemberton for the Easter Long weeeknd with IB my signif-oth and my Mom. Completed this run in around 6pm, in time for dinner. It was one of those ones where I had to force myself to go, but knowing I'd have to write the honest truth here on my blog helped a lot. Friday - Rest Well earned rest day after three days of staying on track and on schedule. Saturday - Cross-Training We took the big dog for a walk up the mountain behind our house today, so I think that counts for cross-training. Felt it in my glutes anyway. Sunday - Long, Slow Run - 12 miles/19K - 2:10:00 Rain showers stopped just in time for me to get a full two hour run in the sunshine. I definitely overdressed - actually got too hot to wear my hat. I think its time to pull out the shorts and sunscreen!! Important to note: I drank 2 bottles of Gatorade and did NOT run out of energy this time. I think some chewy snacks would have been good though, because I did get pretty hungry after the first hour. Ended this perfect week with a 10 minute ice-bath. The first 3 minutes were excruciating because my feet are rubbing a bit in the new shoes. But in the end I felt totally recharged and ready for the next week of training... Week 12 Summary: Total KM Required: 46K Total KM Completed: 46K

Monday, March 17, 2008

Vancouver Marathon Training - Week 11

I'm growing concerned. For some reason I'm struggling to complete my long runs lately. And - cue the violins - my knees and ankles have been more achy and creaky than usual. Am I just feeling sorry for myself or is there legitimate reason for concern? I have to start taking this marathon training way more seriously if I want to avoid complete and utter humiliation on May 4th. So, the new strategy for keeping track is GREEN text denotes workouts I’m SUPPOSED to do and RED denotes actual and completed sessions. I’m also switching from Hal Higdon’s Novice II Marathon Training Program to his Novice I program. Yes, I’ve officially demoted myself. Let’s hope this works. Monday- Rest As per the program I rested today. I never seem to miss the rest days. OOOhhh, almost forgot - I picked up a new pair of slick Mizunos at the Running Room. Can't wait to try them. I’m hoping the new shoes solve EVERYTHING. Tuesday- 8K As usual, I showed up at the Tuesday night Sun Run clinic. I am happy to say the Learn to Run 10K group is now doing 10 minutes running / 1 minute walking 4 times for a total of 40 minutes running. I believe we covered about 6.5K. Wednesday- 13K Did not complete. Today was one of those days when I should have looked at my own little list of Running Tips (see Week 4). I was all dressed to go for a run right after work from my office and realized all I had was a T-shirt. I briefly considered being tough and running outside with bare arms but thankfully came to my senses. No run today. Thursday-8K 13K Run Home from Work - CHECK! Yes - today I did the run I meant to do yesterday. Which means I'll have to do today's run tomorrow...and so on...Anyways, it was a good run and I felt strong and dressed accordingly for the weather, including warm hat and gloves. Friday- Rest As usual, no problem sticking to the plan today. Saturday-29K Did not complete. Today instead of going for a run what did I do? I can't remember. What's wrong with me? Sunday - Cross-Training 29K attempted, 16K completed. Gallant effort but again I did not factor in the temperature and wind chill. I think all the blooming flowers and sprouting leaves are tricking me into thinking it's getting warmer. It's not. Note for next year: 6C with an Arctic wind blowing is NOT warm enough to wear a short-sleeved T-shirt, light running jacket, and mid-calf length yoga pants. Even if it is March. For next time: a warm woolly hat that covers my ears, gloves, and a long sleeved T-shirt under my jacket. I also need to switch back to drinking power drinks like Gatorade on these long runs. Water and fruit chews just aren't cutting it. I definitely bonked around the half-way mark and had to call for a rescue. Week 11 Summary: Total KM Required: 58K Total KM Completed: 35.5K Yikes.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Vancouver Marathon Training - Week 10 - RACE WEEK!!

OK, I'll admit it...this week was definitely my least compliant week of running so far. I don't plan to let it happen again. BUT, in my own defense, there was a lot of cross-training action going on and I DID set a PR in my first race of the year....

Monday - Cross-Training (FULL DAY of Downhilll Skiing)

This was my 3rd day of skiing in a row, the most I can remember doing in 10 years! No pain, just generalized muscle soreness. And although there were a few "situations", nobody broke or sprained anything this time.

Tuesday - Run Clinic 10 min. run/1 min. walk x 3 - Approx. 7K
Ugh. Was not sure I'd be able to do it, and hung back with the slower runners. But in the end the little bit of running was probably good to do and the legs felt a lot looser afterwards.

Wednesday - Rest
Thank GOD.

Thursday - approx 6K (while attempting 20K)
I went out with the full intention of doing a big 20K loop around downtown, a bit of Stanley Park, and over 2 bridges. But about 20 minutes in I realized I didn't time my meals right and I was fading fast. So I stuffed two packages of energy chews into my mouth and waited for a miracle.
Needless to say, it was too little too late and thankfully I stumbled across a super cute seafood stand. A couple of oyster tacos and an iced tea later and I was feeling just fine and on my way home to a hot shower.

Friday - Pre-Race Rest Day 1
2 days of rest before a race day is my personal rule.

Saturday - Pre-Race Rest Day 2
Headed over to Vancouver Island on the ferry.

Sunday - 5K RACE + approx. 20K bike ride with HILLS (big ones)

I did set a P.R. of 26:21, though I'm sure I can do better. The morning of the race I woke up with some pretty serious allergy issues from my dad's three cats and a bit of asthma. I actually considered not showing up at all because I felt a bit out of sorts....

Anyway, despite huffing and puffing the whole way through I did find it in myself to sprint at the end and was pretty happy with the end result. I think 25 minutes in my next 5K is do-able...

Dad seemed to enjoy the whole atmosphere and I have to say the race was well organized and nicely situated.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Vancouver Marathon Training - Week 9 - HALF WAY!

Due to scheduling issues I compressed my week of running into 3 days, getting in a total of 36K between Monday and Wednesday. This is not advisable. I was very sore by the end of the long run on the third day and the ol' legs complained pretty loudly on Saturday when I hit the slopes.

I must also confess that I missed my scheduled "sorta long" run (11K) because: 1. I was physically incapbable of running on Friday and 2. I decided to ski for 3 days straight Saturday through Monday.

No regrets.

Monday - 6K (Approx.) - 5 min. run/1 min. walk x 8 with Clinic
For the first time as a clinic run leader I felt the group run was strenuous enough to count toward my weekly training. It was nice not to have to go out running on my own as well. Things are getting more efficient in my life! The group did surprisingly well and very few people have dropped out. Seems we're doing something right. Who knew?

Tuesday - 6K - Lunchtime Run
Snuck out of the office to meet my lover for a little running in the afternoon. Livin' on the edge again...

Wednesday - 24K - Night Time Run with Hills
Brought my trusty little AM/FM radio and caught a very good Canucks Game on the Team 1040. Very good entertainment for the long, slow run. Just like sitting on the couch with a bowl of chips. Except not.

Thursday - Rest
Rest in terms of my training schedule, however as this was the night before the "big important" deadline I stayed at work until 11pm. Oh well, what's another 14 hour day...sigh. Can you hear the violins?

Friday - Rest
The "big important" deadline crunch at work is O-VER (for now...). So I can focus my energy on IMPORTANT things in my life, like sportsbras, electrolytes, and toenail care.

In full celebration mode, I picked up one of my BFF's from the airport to head up to Pemberton for a 3-day weekend of skiiing. Work shmerk.

Saturday - Cross-Training (FULL day of downhill skiing)

Awesome. Two words: new snow.

Sunday - Cross-Training (Another FULL day of downhill skiing)

Wicked trees AND bumps. 'Nuff said.