Monday, April 26, 2010

Strength Training without a Gym

A few weeks ago I showed up at my gym only to find, much to my annoyment, that it was closed due to a holiday. 

Not wanting to miss a workout so early in my "HAL HIGDON'S HALF-MARATHON TRAINING PROGRAM", I decided to go home and improvise.

There were a few exercises I knew I could do without any equipment off the top of my head, such as push-ups & crunches.  I also had hip & glute exercises my chiropractor had given me.  For more, however, I turned to YouTube.

Off the Top of My Head:
1. Push-Ups
2. Crunches
3. Burpees

From the Chiropractor:
4. Hip Circles
5. Clams

From YouTube:
6. Static Lunges
7. Plank
8. Squats
9. Chair Dips
10. Deck Squats with Jump
11. Supermans
12. Hip Bridges
13. Calf Raises

I'll post videos of each of these exercises soon....