Monday, March 22, 2010

Track Review 1: Brockton Oval

I'm starting my comprehensive Vancouver running track review with Brockton Oval because it's my favourite.  I love going there on summer evenings after work, when it doesn't get dark until late.

It's a crappy old track in a beautiful setting, just steps away from Coal Harbour and the Seawall.  Float planes coming and going from the harbour frequently pass by overhead.  It's a nice distraction when you're pumping out 800s.

Brockton Oval is a dirt track with a grass playing field in the centre.  There are decent washrooms and a drinking fountain on site.  Unfortunately there is no lighting provided, so please take care after dark - you never know what kind of creeps are lurking in the bushes...

Here's an aerial photo showing where Brockton Oval is in Stanley Park:

You can either drive and pay $1 or $2 for parking, or take a bus.  You can also ride your bike or walk if you're feeling ambitious (or live close by).  Here's a map showing where Stanley Park is related to downtown:

The most people I've ever seen on the track at one time, besides me, is two.  Sometimes there will be a team playing football or rugby on the field, which is nice for added security.  The parking is also super close, so that's good for security too.