Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Running Resolutions

1. Wake up first thing every morning and go for a run before doing anything else and without complaining about it being early, dark, rainy, cold, or Sunday. 2. Do whatever it takes to get faster. Yes, even if it means shaving my legs and armpits. 3. No crying or saying "I can't" "It's too hard" "I'm too tired" or "I don't want to". Not during workouts OR, for that matter, before going work in the morning. 4. Keep this blog a secret from my (unnamed) employer. 5. Fully protect all electronic gadgets while out running in the rain. Seems obvious, but you'd be surprised... 5. No more using pastries as motivation to kick butt during training. 6. Do NOT gain weight while marathon training. Not sure how that happened.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa Brought Us a Puppy!

(UPDATE: The lost puppy was picked up by the local bylaw officer this morning, apparently the owners called looking for her - and she should be home by now...keeping this story posted because I think it's cute and I haven't got any more stories right now) Actually it was a guy named Jim. Last night (Sat. Dec.20) a guy dressed in a parka and barely keeping hold of a very squirmy black lab puppy (maybe a bit less than a year old) came knocking at our door. He was sure this puppy belonged to our next-door-neighbours and that they were probably out searching for her in the dark and blistering cold (about -20C with windchill). He was planning to tie her up outside their door (!) so we said, "No, no, we'll keep her until they come home". I left a note on their door stating their beloved little pet was warm and cozy at our house and please come get her. Well, as luck would have it - our neighbour came by to tell us that, no, that was not in fact their puppy. "Meadow" was safe at home and had been there all night. The rest of the evening was spent making signs and posting them around the town (it's actually a village), calling the local animal shelters, checking the "lost & found" ads online, and posting my very own on craigslist. There was one promising ad for a lost dog, and I phoned and left a message with them (still waiting). We also had to make sure the highly rambunctious pup did not test our 7-year old Rottweiler, Freddie's, patience too much. She's very cute, has a little bit of white on her chest, and seems well cared for. It would have helped if she'd had some tags, but she was wearing a collar. She's a very nice dog and I'm sure someone somewhere is missing her very much. If you know who's dog she is feel free to leave a comment here or contact the Whistler Animal Shelter, she will be there by noon today (Sun. Dec.21).

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Top 10 Running Revelations in 2008

1. Never talk your boyfriend into letting you sign him up for a race. If he really wants to do one he'll sign himself up without any pleading from you. 2. It's easier to make friends with people who run than to try to convert your friends into runners. 3. A large bowl of strawberries and milk does not, I repeat, does not, make a good pre-race meal. 4. People you've never met or laid eyes on can be the best running buddies you've ever had. 5. Your enthusiasm for running is not necessarily contagious. 6. Keeping all of your race bibs posted at your cubicle at work can lead to surprising and informative responses from co-workers. 7. Talking to other people about their running is more interesting than talking about your own. 8. The PR's don't come as easily after a couple of years of running without a lot more hard work. 9. No matter how unfit you feel after tapering your running for 3 weeks before a marathon you can trust the training to take you where you want to go. 10. If running is part of your lifestyle you won't feel right if you stop. So don't even try.

Monday, December 1, 2008