Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Running Resolutions

1. Wake up first thing every morning and go for a run before doing anything else and without complaining about it being early, dark, rainy, cold, or Sunday. 2. Do whatever it takes to get faster. Yes, even if it means shaving my legs and armpits. 3. No crying or saying "I can't" "It's too hard" "I'm too tired" or "I don't want to". Not during workouts OR, for that matter, before going work in the morning. 4. Keep this blog a secret from my (unnamed) employer. 5. Fully protect all electronic gadgets while out running in the rain. Seems obvious, but you'd be surprised... 5. No more using pastries as motivation to kick butt during training. 6. Do NOT gain weight while marathon training. Not sure how that happened.


Lybbe said...

I'm guessing shaving the legs and armpits should 'shave' a millisecond or two from your time - but are you really willing to give up that extra protection from the cold in winter? You're hard core girl!

Michael said...

Good luck on achieving those goals! I'd shave my entire body for a sub 4 hour marathon. That's my running goal for this year... 3:59:59...minus the shaving part. Cheers to you Bebe. I enjoy the blog. M

kara said...

Yeah I keep my blogging life away from my work mates too.
Good Luck in the New Year!
PS. Happy to hear the puppy found its way back home.