Saturday, January 3, 2009

2008 In Review

Since I have been using the wonderful, free training log site Buckeye Outdoors, I have access to amazing reporting data which I can use to look at the year as a whole. Here's what I found out about my running in 2008: Number of Runs: 158 Average Time: 00:55:20 Total Time: 107:55:04 Avgerage Pace: 10:13 minutes/mile Avg. Distance: 5.6 Miles Total Distance: 878.1 Miles It's nice to have a benchmark to try to see if I can run further, faster, and more often in 2009. Which is going to be important if I'm going to reach my BIG (possibly unrealistic) goal for the year: To run a Boston Qualifying time at the Queen City Marathon in Regina, Saskatchewan !


Michael said...

I'm thinking of Queen City too. Might see you there. I hear it's not too hilly ;>) Mike

Nicole said...

Cool Michael! That's what I'm thinking too. I hear its a nice course :)