Monday, March 24, 2008

Vancouver Marathon Training - Week 12

I'm happy to say this was a week of perfection for me! I got all my scheduled runs in and feel good so far. Monday - Rest Today I rest and focus. I have to stick to my schedule from here on out. Hopefully switching from Hal Higdon's Novice II to Novice I program will make it a bit more do-able for me. I am really freaked out about being ready for the marathon in 6 weeks. Tuesday - 4 miles/6K Actually I think we did more like 8K with the Running Clinic today but who's counting? 68 minutes of running total with walk breaks. Wednesday - 8 miles/13K Ran home, full 13K - felt good (and warm enough this time). Thursday - 5 miles/8K I'm up in Pemberton for the Easter Long weeeknd with IB my signif-oth and my Mom. Completed this run in around 6pm, in time for dinner. It was one of those ones where I had to force myself to go, but knowing I'd have to write the honest truth here on my blog helped a lot. Friday - Rest Well earned rest day after three days of staying on track and on schedule. Saturday - Cross-Training We took the big dog for a walk up the mountain behind our house today, so I think that counts for cross-training. Felt it in my glutes anyway. Sunday - Long, Slow Run - 12 miles/19K - 2:10:00 Rain showers stopped just in time for me to get a full two hour run in the sunshine. I definitely overdressed - actually got too hot to wear my hat. I think its time to pull out the shorts and sunscreen!! Important to note: I drank 2 bottles of Gatorade and did NOT run out of energy this time. I think some chewy snacks would have been good though, because I did get pretty hungry after the first hour. Ended this perfect week with a 10 minute ice-bath. The first 3 minutes were excruciating because my feet are rubbing a bit in the new shoes. But in the end I felt totally recharged and ready for the next week of training... Week 12 Summary: Total KM Required: 46K Total KM Completed: 46K

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