Monday, March 31, 2008

Vancouver Marathon Training - Week 13

Another great week of getting ALL of my required runs in! Yay! I have to say it took a considerable amount of effort to do it since I did have sleeping problems and was, subsequently, tired a lot. I also decided to cram ALL my month's socializing in this week for some reason. It was great to see so many of my buds, of course, but man, did I eat out a lot! It's just as well. My lunchtime workouts are a thing of the past for now since all of the week's runs have gotten longer. Guess I can't squeeze them into the workday anymore! Monday - Cross-Training 40 minutes of FREE yoga (Yogamazing podcast - see my "Delightful Websites" list) Tuesday - 8K Sun Run InTraining Clinic Run The group did a total of an hour running along with some walk breaks and did really well. We kept the pace fairly conservative and I think that helped. My sister, TM, made a special appearance and seemed to have enjoyed the whole group running concept. I am pretty sure that's the longest run she's done in recent memory, so good on ya' T....! Everyone survived with few complaints and the majority stuck around to stretch afterwards too. Wednesday - Rest Of course, this WAS supposed to be the 14K run day - but I was busy being social so I didn't make it out.... It is just as well because we had some weather issues today. First it started to rain and then the rain became THICK rain which soon turned to wet snow...And as if THAT wasn't enough we got this tremendous thunder and lightening storm along with it which was accomanied by some lovely hail. It was unreal for March. Dude, I am SO ready for summer. Note to self: plan a WARM weather vacation for early Spring '09. Thursday - 14K Sunset Run Along the Seawall Wednesday's run pushed to Thursday....It was super cold and I really didn't want to do it. For one thing I put away all my warm hats. So I bought a random new warm hat on my way home from work and went out. It was fine most of the way but I got super tired toward the end and walked the last couple of km. The last block or two from my building it started to hail and all hell broke loose. People started running around not looking where they were going and some guy plowed into me, full force. Oh well, what can you do? I seem to be unharmed. Took an ice bath afterwards because I noticed a lot more general achiness than usual. It helped. Nutritional note: Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT eat lentil-laden soups or other bean-oriented meal items on the day you are going for a fairly big run. Trust me. Friday - 6K Afterwork Run Thursday's run pushed to Friday...Despite the fact there was a FULL ON BLIZZARD (!?!?!) in Vancouver this morning I did mnage to get this run in. The worse of the weather was over by lunchtime and I did this run around 4:30pm. Ate a lot of carbs and especially sugar-laden treats today. Feeling kind of bad about it but hoping it will all balance out this weekend. I am very happy to have accomplished 3 out of my 5 required runs this week so far, but I'm extremely worried about being able to do the 29K on Sunday. I've definitely noticed a lot of soreness in my knees and ankles lately. Gulp. Saturday - 6K (roughly) Friday's rest day pushed to Saturday. I did a trail run today behind our house and I wasn't able to measure it exactly. So I ran for 18 minutes and then ran back...AND boy do I need it. BIG huge run tomorrow.

Sunday - Long, Slow Run - 29K Saturday's long run pushed to Sunday...DID IT!! It took about 3:15 to finish. I felt great for 2 hours (about 20K) then got a bit sore and tired. Especially my hip joints (?). Weird. Anyway, big accomplishment! I feel better now about my Half Marathon race next Sunday

Week 13 Summary: Total KM Required: 57K

Total KM Completed: 57K

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