Monday, April 7, 2008

Vancouver Marathon Training - Week 14 - RACE WEEK!

I started the week still feeling pretty confident about Sunday's Half-Marathon (my first!) after a successfully completed 29K training run last week.

Confidence turned to nervousness and stress when I had a lackluster run on Wednesday. Earlier that day I also found out on that a senior member of my office would be running the same little, out-of-town, out-of-the-way half-marathon What are the odds?!? And - caught off guard - I divulged that my goal was to do it in "around two hours".


Monday-Rest / Stressful Shopping Experience
Very well deserved rest day. Did I mention I ran 29K yesterday? Rest was slightly compromised by the fact that for the second straight time I had terrible service at the DENMAN RUNNING ROOM. I hate that despite the fact that the unpleasant experiences are piling up I still feel compelled to shop there. Left without buying anything due to frustration.

Tuesday - 8K - Night Time Run
I missed the Running Clinic - sadly - due to a hectic work schedule, but was able to get out later in the evening.

Not bad - I ran a fairly hilly route in about 46 minutes, which works out to a 5:45 pace. I think I could have done it a bit faster, but I was listening to the Canucks play an abysmal, possibly season-ending game against the Avs on the radio and I think it affected my performance.

Wednesday - 14K - Work to Home Run
Was a bit too gung ho and forgot my own little cardinal rule to follow hard days with easy days. Tried to do the same pace as yesterday which, predictably, blew up in my face. My legs got tired, my feet and knees hurt, and I ran out of steam. It didn't help that I only at a salad and a litttle bread for lunch and a measly granola bar before heading out at 7:30pm. Dumb. Ended up walking quite a few minutes throughout the run.

Thursday - 8K - After Work Run
Today I decided to make this an EASY run. The one thing I'm noticing is a lot of tightness in my calves. I actually had to stretch them mid-run. Wonder why...?

Friday - Rest
Pre- pre-race rest day. I should be nice and fresh Sunday.

Saturday - Rest
Carbo loading and travel to the Sunshine Coast. Not an apt name unless sarcasm was the intention. Rain in the forecast...

Sunday - 21.1K - 2:00:57 (April Fool's Half Marathon)
My goal was to run this race in 2:00:00 or less.....which was, of course, solidified when I stupidly shared my intentions with coworkers, friends, and family.

Why am I such a big mouth?

The first 9 miles I was right on track. There was a pretty big hill at mile 3 but I somehow managed to make up time running down the other side. Mile 10 however, was a different story. Huge hill - about a mile long.
Made up a lot of time running fast on the downhill parts, but the last couple of miles had a slight uphill slope again and it was all I could do to keep pace.

On the plus side, since the event was very small (about 600 runners) I got some special attention from the DJ/Announcer guy when I came into the finish area. There was lots cheering the last 200 m or so which helped fuel the final sprint.

Week 14 Summary
Total KM Required: 53 km
Total KM Completed: 51.1 km

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