Monday, April 28, 2008

Vancouver Marathon Training - Week 17 - TAPERING!!

Week One of my two-week taper period. The race last Sunday was a good way to transition from the intense training period to this time of rest and recovery. My goal for this week was to concentrate on stretching, getting enough sleep, eating well, and trying to keep my schedule as free as possible for the next two weeks.

That means saying 'no' a lot.

Monday - Rest
Got lots of inspiration from following Steve Runner of Phedippidations online as he made his way to the finish line at the 112th Boston Marathon. I also found some video highlights from the race (before, during, and after) which were super exciting.

Tuesday-6K (4 mi)
Resting HR: 66 b.p.m.
Ran 3K to the video store to rent "Chariots of Fire". It was out. Rented "Big Love: Disc 4" instead. Ran home. Stretched lots and watched 2 episodes.


Thursday-10K (6 mi)
Decided I should familiarize myself more with the marathon route and started my 10K run today at the start line. Found a couple of surprises along the way in the form of a respectable sized hill I hadn't anticipated and my good friend S walking home from work. Walked with her for a bit before continuing on my way. As for the hills, I'm wondering if its better to be blissfully unaware at this stage....since I can't really improve my fitness now anyway.

Friday-5K (3 mi) - MISSED
Forgot to get up early enough to go in the morning, brought my stuff to work so I could run at lunch and then realized I had lunch plans already. Whoops.

Saturday-13K (8 mi)
Gorgeous Pemberton Valley run. Didn't see any other runners, but I did meet someone on horseback. My running friend S (see Thursday) accompanied me for about 3K then ran back to hang at the "Pony Espresso" (pictured, right).

It turned out to be way too hot and sunny to be wearing pants and no sunscreen. Made it back to the Pony for lunch all sweaty and dripping (gross!!)....

Sunday-Planned Cross-Training - Rest
Did not do much in the way of excercise today, except some good stretching.

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