Monday, April 21, 2008

Vancouver Marathon Training - Week 16

Sun Run Week and suddenly EVERYONE is a runner in this city! The number of registrants blew last year's record of 54,000+ out of the water with over 59,000!! It's quite the spectacle...

As far as training goes, I guess this is the beginning of the taper period. The mileage has dropped a lot, although I'm trying to keep the intensity level high for just one more week.

How do I feel 3 weeks out from the Marathon? A little nervous. Can't shake the feeling that I'm not prepared. Ok, a lot nervous.

Spent some of my rest time downloading iTunes for my training runs.

Tune-age Action Faves:
1. Tell Me Why (Radio Edit) - Supermode
2. Seven Day Fool - Jully Black
3. Totally Revamped (More Than a Feeling) - Peter Presta Totally Hooked Remix
4. Fasterkill Pussycat - Paul Oakenfold featuring Britney Murphy
5. Le Disko - Shiny Toy Guns

TUESDAY - Approximately 6K (3 mi)
Tonight's was the LAST Sun Run InTraining Clinic. Everyone got their race bibs and T-shirts for Sunday.

I got a size small and was shocked at how big it was. It's really long and unattractively shaped. I think it's destined for the donation bag.

I was supposed to run today and I didn't. Bad me.

THURSDAY - 19K (11 mi)
Changed this week's long run from Saturday to Thursday to accomodate the Sun Run. Completed another speed training session the last half of the run - which is supposed to help me 'cram' for the marathon (see Week 15) . Workout consisted of 6 repeats of 4/2 intervals.

I did have another racoon sighting - but not as scary as last time. This little guy appeared to be out for HIS morning jog . He didn't make eye contact - and seemed to be on his way somewhere. He's probably training for the Sun Run like half the city.

FRIDAY - 13K (8 mi)
Took it pretty easy (no speed training). Last one before the Sun Run, which I expect will be my last HARD workout before the marathon...

I did go for an hour long, easy hike today - but it's pushing it to call that cross-training I suspect...

SUNDAY - 10K (6 mi) - Vancouver Sun Run!!! OFFICIAL TIME - 55:18
Was not able to achieve my goal time of 53:00 (5 minutes faster than last year) - which I attribute mostly to the extreme crowd factor. I wish people would be more honest when they estimate their finish times because there were people in the 50:00-58:00 wave that have clearly never run in their lives. Those people were walking almost the whole way and blocking the way. Not cool. Oh well, I should be pleased I set a P.R.

Something to look into: major nerves for some reason causing sick stomach - especially the last kilometer. Not sure how to fix that.

Total Distance Required: 48 km (30 mi)
Total Distance Completed: 48 km (30 mi)

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