Monday, September 1, 2008

Victoria Marathon Training - Week 12

This was a pretty low-mileage week for me since I decided to focus on a 10K race on Sunday. I was hoping to set a new personal record, but in the end I missed it by 39 seconds, finishing in 56:38...The event was the Nike+ Human Race 10K in Vancouver and here are my thoughts on the event:
Nike+ Human Race 10K
-amazing spectacle to behold: a red ribbon of thousands running through the city
-good shirt (red micro-fibre, good fit for women, printed on front AND back)
-gift at the end (bracelet) was a nice touch
-choice of 3 charities to run for (choice=good)
-personally, I liked the location (10 minute walk from my apartment, directly in front of my office, pictured below)
-ability to try on race shirt and get the right size
-lots of days before the race to pick up package
-video montage on big screens of race going on in other world cities earlier in the day
-number of porta-potties (enough)
-unique idea of having your number printed on your shirt
-generally a good route
-good weather
-great turnout (a few thousand)
-results uploaded to internet quite fast and with splits at a couple of points on the route
-long lines at the bag check (especially if your last name started with 'A' or 'B')
-late start (at least 20 minutes)
-high cost of entry fee ($50 in Vancouver)
-no entry into the post-race festival area except for registered runners or volunteers, and you couldn't even buy a ticket for your loved-ones (this was not publicized very well)
-jacquizzis on site (though I didn't actually see them) - not sure how that is supposed to help anyone after a race (ice baths would have been more appropriate of course - though less popular)
-only 10% of entry fee to charity
-location of porta-potties (not near bag-check=not convenient)
-no race bib to stick in the collection
-map of start/finish site should've been included in race package (a big area!)
-only 3 water stations as far as I could tell, that were under-staffed & too small (cups too small too)
-one spot there was confusion about which way to go, half the people went too far around and the other half had to stop at a bottleneck crossing a pedestrian bridge
-not much crowd support most of the way
-strange disembodied female voice recording on a loop repeating words of encouragement at a few points (may have been a positive for some, for me it was weird)
-last 2K uphill=not nice
-being handed a gift (bracelet) at the finish - when what I wanted at that point was a drink or a snack
-very limited or no free food or drinks as far as I could tell becuase the beer garden and BBQ required payment
Final conclusion: Glad to have done it for research purposes - but once was enough.


Lesley said...

I don't have a Nike+ yet, but I'd heard this race was coming up. With all the publicity, too bad it didn't go better. (I've seen mixed reviews from many others as well.)

Good luck with the marathon training!

mike said...

Sorry you missed a PR, but it's tough in a crowded race. The 'disembodied voice' thing sounds very bizarre!

Thanks for the nice race report!


jeannie said...

Congratulations on another accomplished race!