Monday, September 8, 2008

Victoria Marathon Training - Week 13

This is my cubicle. As you can see I'm working on wallpapering it with race bibs. These ones are all from 2008 races, so far I have 8 (not including the photocopy of my Nike+ 10K shirt , which is coming). The collection is a good conversation starter. Whenever someone comes by my desk and sees the display for the first time they usually start asking me about running....which is, of course, part of my evil plan. Speaking of evil plans....I finished the first 20 mile run of the training regimen I'm following (a cross between Hal Higdon Novice II & Intermediate I). It became rather difficult after about 13 miles, but I survived and rewarded myself with a 10 minute ice bath and a movie later in the evening. I had to hobble home from the movie, my left knee was bothering me. I plan to keep icing it and take it easy this week. Hopefully I'll be ok for the upcoming Landsend Half-Marathon on Sunday, Sept.14th....


Andrew - Six Minutes Public Speaking Blog said...

What a clever idea, Nicole! I don't have 8 to display, but I'm going to do this after I get race bib from a Half Marathon in south Surrey two weeks from now.

20 miles... thinking about it makes my legs sore. But, I'll get there. Yesterday was the second week in a row for 13.5 miles, and I'm much less sore than last week.

Good luck on the 14th, Nicole!

ramster said...

hope your knee is better. try an easy short run, just to keep all the parts moving. just like around the block, or down to the barn, or whatever you got there :) after a 20 miler this weekend, 13 is goign to be cake next! love the blog, keep on tweetin.

Kimberly said...

I hope that your knee gets better soon. I have never run more than 13.1 miles. Never more than 11.5 miles in practice. I really appreciate how much you have inspired me to push myself. Thanks for being you.. SMILE


Snowshadow said...

Nicole, I just found your Tweet regarding the Whos Who of Running, excellent idea.

Hope you dont mind but I all so posted a link on the Runner+ Twitter Runner forum. Try and get some of those peeps to put there details in the data base.

Oh and your goal of sub 2hours, I did the same about a year ago and my time for the race was 1:48 so good luck, you may surprise yourself.