Monday, September 22, 2008

Victoria Marathon Training - Week 15

Here are some photos from my last really long run before the marathon. They were taken in the Village of Pemberton, which happens to be at an altitude of about 2300 feet.
This one's for the Bad Girls of Running (a Runner+ Challenge). I was extra bad: I only ran 19 miles when I was scheduled to do 20.
The running tights are new, and I like them. No chafing and I think I might even wear them for the marathon.
Speaking of which, the marathon is in 3 weeks and here are my finish time predictions based on recent performances.
-Based on a 2:04:38 Half-Marathon (Landsend Half, Sept.14/08), Runner's World predicts a: -4:19:51 Marathon
-Based on a 56:38 10K (Human Race, Aug.31/08): 4:20:30 Marathon
-Based on a 27:15 5K (Delta 5K, ) : 4:20:53 Marathon
-Based on my last Yasso 800's session: 4:04:00 Marathon
-If I take the average of all these predictors, the most realistic marathon time I come up with is: 4:16:19
Working plan is to follow the 4:15 pace team. We'll see how that goes!


Kimberly said...

Great pictures. Really glad that your training is good great and you are excited about your upcoming race. I also wear compression shorts in the summer and long tights in the winter. They do stop the chaffing and they help support your muscles. I really like them. I found a pair of Asics shorts (2&1) that are shorts over longer compression shorts but they discontinued them. BUMMER!! So if you find some that you like make sure to buy a couple before they redesign them.
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Your second foto looks like you were "real happy" to be running. Always stop and smell the roses, I mean "horses..." m

jeannie said...

luv the bad girl pic