Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Marathon Recovery - Week 1

OK - I have recovered emotionally from the utter devastation of being DENIED my chance to run the New York Marathon on November 2nd.

Actually - I wasn't THAT disappointed. While I really want to run in the Big Apple eventually, I wasn't that married to the idea of doing it this year. For one thing I have a lot of people to visit in New York, since I lived there for 2 years and haven't been back since '06....And in a way it will be more fun to go and have fun and not be totally focused on the marathon.

Another reason to look on the bright side is that after a very challenging and HILLY Vancouver effort on May 4th, I'm kinda thinkin I deserve to run somewhere FLAT in the fall....

SOoooo....I am looking seriously at the Royal Victoria Marathon - just a short hop across the Georgia Straight to Vancouver Island (YES Victoria is a city located on VANCOUVER ISLAND and Vancouver is a city NOT located on said island - and there is no Victoria Island in B.C.). Not only is it fast, flat and conveniently located, but my Dad lives there and will be able to provide some excellent acommodations and curbside support.

I'm in marathon recovery mode right now, mixing some light running with cross-training and lots of stretching in anticipation of ramping up the running in June. Not sure which program I'll follow this time but I think I'm ready to take it up a notch from Hal Higdon's Novice I.

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