Monday, May 26, 2008

Marathon Recovery - Week 3 - Guest Blog

Introduction I thought it might be fun (-ny) to have someone else write my blog this week. This post was written by my SignifOth "IB" - whom I have mentioned many times in my previous posts. These views do not necessarily represent the views of Running Bébé or her affiliates. Guest Blog This marks the first outside contribution to RB and I am honored to do it! I am not much of a runner but living with one has started to rub off on me. Her gentle and not so gentle prodding has been a good influence and I am now training for a 5k race in June. Since spring is here and the weather is turning sunny I am now running a bit with RB. You may see me post additional blog entries for runs that take place on sunny days with a temperature between 15 and 20 degrees that are less than 6k in length. Here is the log from our runs last week: May 20 - Run in Pemberton Went for a 30-40 minute run with RB. I decided to run at the last minute with not much planning. As we ran up the back road RB suggested that we do an uphill run. We did 20 minutes uphill and it felt OK. Running downhill is not much fun on a gravel forest service road. One day maybe one of us will figure out where that road leads to... May 22 - Run on Seawall 5k or 6k depending on who you ask... We went for a nice 6k run on Wednesday along the seawall. The weather was beautiful and I felt great. RB is still suffering from PMSD (post marathon stress disorder) and was not feeling as good. At the halfway point I decided to run ahead and left RB behind. This was not a good idea for two reasons. First, its not polite to leave your running partner behind. Second, its not smart to separate when your partner has the only keys to the condo. RB cut her run short and I ended up walking around for 40 minutes waiting for her. Eventually I went home and waited for her to notice me standing out on the sidewalk (which she did). May 25 – 5k Run in Pemberton I felt like I got suckered on this one. I wanted to go for a run and get it done with before dinner so I set off in the blazing sun. RB gently suggested that I wait until the sun went down but the same voice that told me to run ahead on Wednesday told me to go now. I got my butt kicked. RB went at about 8 or 9 that evening and when I met her for the cool down she seemed to be suffering a lot less than I had earlier. Oh yeah – RB did a 60 minute run, not 5K. Not sure of the distance.

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jeannie said...

I think it's great that IB contributed to the Running Bebe blog. It's always nice to run with someone.