Monday, February 18, 2008

Vancouver Marathon Training - Week 7

Another super busy week with lots of overtime. My enthusiasm is a bit dampened lately but I am trying my best to stay the course through this difficult period. Which means I am happy to at least get in 3 runs (including the most important long run). The next couple of weeks will be at least as busy so I have to try to stay motivated... Tuesday - 6K Lunch Hour Run + Clinic Run (3/2 x 6) The Tuesday night clinic was fabulous - as usual. This time I somehow ended up leading the group, while the other Run Leaders spread themselves among the pack. Wednesday - 11K Night Time CHALLENGING HILLS Run Had to do this one in the dark because of my busy work schedule these days so decided to stick to well lit, busier streets. This led me to run over the Burrard Street bridge, taking me out of my familiar downtown 'hood and into the more suburban areas of Kitsilano. It was nice to run on streets lined with cute little houses with front lawns and porches lit with mini-lights. Lots of cozy looking $1 million cottages. The run was primarily uphill the first half then downhill back. I was happy to be done. Thursday - Rest Too sore from yesterday Friday - Rest Ran out of time Saturday - 19k Long Run - Pemberton Valley A fantastic sunny day on a nice, nearly bare road. I ran alongside some very scenic farms and meadows and the traffic was minimal. I was a bit intimidated by the distance to start, but once I started focusing on one object in the distance at a time it seemed more manageable. I had dropped a water bottle at the turnaround point earlier - so I had a very specifc target and once I turned back toward home I felt much better about things. About 5K from the finish another lone runner crossed the street and ran toward me and I was quite astonished to see my beloved "IB" out to meet me! We ran it in together (with a few walk breaks) and I was very grateful have a buddy! Sunday - Cross Training -Big walk up the mountain trail with the dog. Thought about getting in my missing 6K run today but my right knee was sore so thought better of it. Better safe than sorry...Iced it and watched TV instead. The walk was enough.

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