Monday, February 4, 2008

Vancouver Marathon Training - Week 5

Due to ice and snow this week was a bit compressed as I didn't feel comfortable risking a fall. The idea was to do all 4 runs between Thursday and Sunday, and sadly I only managed three. I did, however, use my lunch hour on Tuesday to buy a pair of Yak Trax - which I highly recommend to make your runners nonslip wonders.... Monday - Rest Tuesday - Sun Run InTraining Clinic - 2 minutes/walk 2 minutes 7 times After a heated debate among the Run Leaders we decided to take the Learn to Run group out to a field near the community center and jog around it on the snow rather than attempt the icy seawall path. Seemed like a good compromise, the troops were stoic and nobody fell or twisted anything. My headlamp was a hit. It felt a bit weird to be in the position of (so-called-) Leader after having been a Learn to Run participant myself this time last year. Luckily there are some more experienced types to take charge. Thursday - 5K - Lunchtime Run - 26:03 A few days off to let the ice melt and I'm suddenly the most awkward looking runner in the universe. The running wasn't the issue - in fact the ankles and knees felt great after having the rest. I did suffer from a number of unfortunate apparel problems. Most notably, the little runnning pouch that holds all my necessities came unbuckled twice and then had to be readjusted constantly. It kept riding up on me and pulling the bottom of my shirt with it. Not the most desirable effect on a cold & windy day. Found myself near the end of the run wondering where the time had gone - so the wardrobe malfunctions helped pass the time at least. Note to Self: In a few short months I won't be able to hide under 10 layers of thermal gear. Friday - 10K- Afterwork Run at Sunset- 56:23 I'm really noticing the days get longer as I am doing more evening runs these days. It's so great to have the ability to leave work at 4pm and still get in a run IN DAYLIGHT. Awesome. No water in any form fell from the sky which one must be grateful for this time of year in THIS city in particular. Saturday - Walking (approx. 5K FAST - not consecutively) Busy. Lots of errands on foot downtown. Better than nothing although I did want to get a run in. Sunday - 16K - Stanley Park Seawall - 1:47:49 Longest run so far since re-starting marathon training 4 weeks ago. Felt pretty good for about half the distance and at the turn-around started to notice the old aches in the hips, knees, and ankles. Nothing severe, just the joints reminding me they're there. I remember this from last summer's training. I am pretty sure I need new shoes - tho I haven't kept track of how far I've run on the current ones. I found popping a couple of advils before the run helped a lot last year as well as religiously taking a 10 minute ice bath after each long run and icing my knees and ankles liberally throughout the week. Tried the ice bath once I got home but couldn't do it. Sat there for like 30 seconds and then asked myself "Why am I doing this?" and got up and had a hot shower. Yes. Marathon training in the winter is completely different than the summer experience. I've been trying out a different fueling strategy lately...Instead of taking Gatorade and Powerbar gels on long runs I'm just taking plain water and energy chews like Shot Bloks or Sharkies. So far so good, altho I did get a bit tired after 10K


john said...

Hi Bebe,

Ice bath after a long run... yes, very good for sore, tired and exhausted legs. I tried that after finishing Chicago last October... it was an extremely hot marathon and 10 minutes in a cold water tub did wonders for my aches and pains... felt pretty good after drying off. I recommend it... and think it's a good idea.
Run Safe.

Jim said...


Found your blog after seeing you on Steve Runner's "Fellow Runners" map on his site. Nice blog...I read one of your earlier posts and I know what you mean about the thrill of getting your first comments!

Ice baths--I've heard good things about them but haven't tried them yet. I'm gearing up for a marathon in St Louis, MO, in April, so maybe I'll try ice baths on some of my longer training runs and blog about that!


Anonymous said...

Not to mention the cougar and coyote attacks!...I read on some jogging page that you should have two pair of runners on the go. Use one pair one day and give them a day to rest and get their shape back before you use them again. M