Monday, February 11, 2008

Vancouver Marathon Training - Week 6

This week was a big success...I managed to get all my scheduled runs in! I should mention for those who are interested, I am following Hal Higdon's Novice I marathon program - whcih is 18 weeks. Only 12 to go until the big day! Happily every week that goes by I get more daylight hours to get those longer runs in. It's not getting warmer yet, but spring can't be too far off...

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - 5K (untimed) + 3 min run/2 min walk x 7 with the clinic - Seawall
Fun / funny headlamp running on the seawall in the dark. Very refreshing to be able to see and avoid huge puddles. Most of the path is well lit but there's one stretch that is super dark right along the beach...I even saw one other dorky runner with a headlamp. I waved but was not acknowleged. Felt even dorkier.

Met a couple of supercool ladies at the clinic...One was just starting up running for the first time and seemed to think I knew my stuff which is funny. The other one was a single mom who did the clinic last year and lost 18 lbs. during the 13 weeks! Apparently the Tuesday night clinic is one of the only opportunities she gets for adult conversation - so she seems to appreciate it a lot.

Wednesday - 10K - Bridges (HILLS) - Lost track of time
Super cold and windy and was really stupid and wore a light hoodie with a very open neck. I probably deserved to get pneumonia. Ten minutes into the run I was SERIOUSLY contemplating stopping in my tracks and going home. Such a fine thread of will kept me going. I persevered and ran over the Burrard Bridge once and the Cambie Bridge twice. Felt good after and ate a celebratory, super greasy fried egg and cheese sandwich. Yum!

Thursday - Rest
I meant to run 5K today but I was in a bad mood so put it off till morning.

Friday - Rest
Again - I meant to run in the morning but I slept in.

Saturday - 5K (the same 5K I put off the last 2 days) - Pemberton Snow Run w/ Safety Patrol
My mom followed me in my car as I ran this one on a slushy rural road.
She insisted...Something about getting raped and beaten and left for dead in a ditch...blah, blah, blah...Anyway, I humoured her and it turned out to be kind of fun.
She took some good pics for posterity (and my blog).

Sunday - Cross Training - Big Uphill Walk with my Dog

That was a decent workout...We marched up a mountain road in the snow and I almost broke a sweat despite the freezing temperature. Dog was super wiped out the rest of the day. Mission accomplished!

Sunday - 11K - Seawall Run - 58:30

I took a different approach to my "long" run this week by doing intervals of 3 minutes fast and 1 minute slow for the entire duration. It helped make things a bit more interesting...Something to focus on. Plus I was listening to Phedippidations number 133 all about "Pushing Past Exhaustion"...Steve suggested focusing on a family member and running as if their life depended on it. Totally worked. No aches or pains at all today.

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John said...

Great choice for training plan by using Hal Higdon's 18 week schedule... I use it for all my marathon training and have had success. And super listening choice for your long runs by inviting Steve Runner along with you.
But hey... watch out for Sasquatch up there in Pemberton. Run safe.