Monday, January 7, 2008

Vancouver Marathon Training - Week 1 (28K/17m)

Pretty much on track this week. I am still making up for my lousy base a bit and starting a bit slower than I might have done. Mon- rest Tues - 5K (easy) - 36:00 Nice to be back on schedule! Wed - 8K bridges (Cambie & Burrard) - 50:50 It rained - hard - the last 10 minutes or so. But I'm a star and I finished my run like a good little soldier. I have no problem taking credit when its deserved. Thu - 5K lunch hour run - 26:30 That was an interesting one - they've opened up the seawall at southeast False Creek and its really starting to look nice. Kind of nice to see the neighbourhood transforming from its old industrial grimy-ness. Also there are 8 or 10 construction cranes all decorated with lights for the season. The Winter 2010 Games Athletes Village is taking shape here.... It was super nice to get out of the office for a run in the middle of the day but it is kind of a hassle to have to shower, change, do my hair, and retouch my makeup. I wish I was more like a guy that way, but I can't do the no makeup thing. Fri - rest Sat - 10K long run in the snow - 1:07 Now that we are official Pemberton, BC weekenders I have to contend with real winter conditions for my Saturday long runs NOT TO MENTION the peer pressure to just go skiing already. Yes, our house is about 30 minutes drive from Whistler - only the best skiing North America has to offer. OK now this was INTERESTING. I have special rubber things to put on my shoes with little cleats on the bottom for running on ice and they work well but unfortunately it warmed up a bit in Pemberton and there was a lot of crud to run on. Ice, slush, huge puddles....It was pretty rough going. I feel pretty good about my speed considering the circumstances. It was harsh. Sun - cross training - 45 min. nordic skiing (classic)

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