Sunday, January 13, 2008

Vancouver Marathon Training - Week 2 (31K/19m)

It was a rainy week out there. I have to admit I was not super enthusiastic most days. BUT I got all my runs in and that's what counts. Hopefully I'll be a happier camper next week.

Mon- rest

Tues - 5K (easy) - 30:52
This was an example of a day when I didn't feel like going out. But as is usually the case, I did get into it as I was running and felt a lot more energized afterwards.

Wed - 8K bridges (Cambie & Burrard) - 43:38
For the second day this week I did NOT want to go out there in the icky rain and darkness. I had to go after work because I slept in, which made it even harder. After a lot of procrastinating I decided to at least put on my running clothes...telling myself "I'll just put these on and see if anything happens".
It is pretty amazing how just changing into a different outfit can alter your state of mind. By the time my shoes were laced I found myself grabbing my ipod and filling my water bottle and before you know it I was heading out the door. I found I had a lot of stored up energy when I started to run which I was able to sustain for 43 minutes. It ended up being my fastest run in a LONG time. I'm sure the pizza I had waiting at home had nothing to do with it.....

Thu - 5K - 36:45
Same story....I REALLY didn't want to go out onto the dark, soggy streets. But poor Ian was planning to go with me all day and I didn't want to let him down. It wasn't the best run ever...I think my body was a bit tired from the previous day's fast running. Good to have gone though - as usual I felt better afterwards.

Fri - rest

Sat - cross training - 1 hour yoga
Lying on the living room floor doing fish pose is a lot more interesting when you have a concerned looking rottweiler peering over you to make sure you're still alive...

Sun - 13K long run - 1:22.21
My longest run since the marathon in October - mission accomplished! I did experience some unfortunate chafing....but will spare you the details. Suffice it to say I need to invest in some new running (under-) pants. I also need some different fuel for those over an hour runs...The Power Bar gels I used last summer make me want to hurl. I think it has something to do with the fact that I used them during the marathon and my insides were totally messed up for 24 hours afterwards. I tried to injest a package but I could only manage half.

Another note: in the future if I'm going to on the seawall on a Saturday morning I'll go earlier. I started my run at about 10am and there were tons of other runners, including a bunch of groups from the Running Room. I really hope they were from more advanced classes because they all passed me pretty swiftly.

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