Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Vancouver Marathon Training - Week 3

I'm starting to get a routine going again. And just to make sure I stay motivated I've registered for my first 3 races of the year (not including the marathon): 1. March 9th - Bazan Bay 5K in the cute little seaside town of Sidney (Vancouver Island) 2. April 6th - April Fool's Run HALF Marathon (yikes) - Sechelt to Gibsons, on the Sunshine Coast). 3. Sun Run- which is only 2 weeks before the marathon (April 20th) I've decided to go ahead and do it since my registration is paid already by SportMed BC...since I'm now an OFFICIAL Sun Run InTraining Run Leader...More about that later..... In the meantime, here's my week: Tuesday - 5K - 24:46 Fastest unofficial 5K training run to date (FUFTR - new acronym). I ran a FUFTR!! YAY! My plan was to run at a steady fast pace the whole distance but I got tired and had to take some walk breaks toward the end. Maybe it wasn't tiredness so much as boredom and apathy brought on by the scenery - the concrete landscape around BC Place is so uninspiring - grey on grey slabs - yawn....Good times. Wednesday - 5K - MISSED Yes I missed this run, I'm not a robot despite what you may have heard. Thursday - 8K - 48:14 I took - that's right, TOOK baby. You have to take what you got coming in this life..ain't nobody gonna give it to you sister. Ok, so yeah - I took an extra long lunch to get in my 8K despite working kinda long hours this week. It was great to try a new route - to Coal Harbour seawall (past the Shaw Tower, Bayshore Hotel, and the rowing club). Excellent to get out of the cube. Friday - rest Saturday - 10K long run - Pemberton Lets all give a very special welcome to my SEEESTER making a guest appearance on Running Bebe! Thanks for being such a good sport and keeping me company. It was really interesting to hear a normal non-running-obsessed point of view of a 10K on the snow covered roads of Pemberton. She kept saying how its a lot harder than running on bare streets, kinda like running on sand - which explains the heaviness in the legs. We took it pretty slow since T Bone hasn't been running much - but she held her own and ran 40 minutes straight without any walk breaks. After that we averaged about a minute walking for every 5 minutes of running. Toward the end Tina's calves were getting sore, and for some reason mine too. I think they were sympathetic pains. So we walked it in. It's all good - 1oK -- CHECK! Sunday - cross training - downhill skiing at Whistler Guilt set in today as Tina's shaky legs created some extra diffuculty for her return to snowboarding....I guess my merciless training session on Saturday was a bit too much. I promise to be nicer next time.


john said...

Hi Bebe... looks like we've picked two of the same runs in our training plans this spring.
This is John and I routinely run in False Creek and Stanley Park, but live on the Island. Good hear you are coming over to join us in Sidney for the Bazan Bay 8km... I plan to do Vancouver marathon as well. I live in the Ladysmith area and I'm trying to fit as many Frontrunners Island Series Races in as possible if it fits with my training schedule. And don't be too hard on yourself if you miss a day here or there, all runners miss the odd training day.
We have a common friend... Steve Runner... and like you, I listen to his podcasts... and it is from his website that I found your running blog. I think its great that you are documenting you running efforts and I think I'll announce your blog to the folks in my running group. Hey, maybe we can provide some encouragement as you train for your marathon. My group is in Ladysmith and you can visit our website at: and I'll keep visiting your blog as our training mileage increases to see how you're doing.
I'll leave you with this... "Running... if there's any other activity more happier, more exhilarating, more nourishing to the imagination, I can't think of what it might be. In running the mind flees with the body; the mysterious efflorescence of language seems to pulse in the brain, in rhythm with our feet, and the swinging of our arms." That's a quote by Joyce Carol Oates... one of my favs. Anyway... take care and run safe. I maintain the ladysmith Striders website, so you can drop me a line there if you like.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bebe,
Good for you for dragging yr little sister around the Fred keeping up with you yet?
I like the chocolate mousse reward idea,
keep on running!