Monday, April 27, 2009

Scotiabank Half-Marathon Charity Challenge

(Fred doing what he did best)
Normally I would be writing a very detailed race report about Sunday's Times Colonist 10K right about now. I would be talking about my morning pre-race routine, what I wore, how the weather turned out, and all the important details you might want to know if you were going to run this race. But I'm not going to do that.
The reason I'm not wasting this post on another race report is that I found a cause!
Some of you who follow me on Twitter might have heard that my dog Fred died quite suddenly in March. It's been a very devastating loss for us and it's left a big hole in me personally.
I recently found out that a half-marathon I was already signed up to run in June is now set up so that participants can run for one of a number of charities and get donations on their charity's behalf.
When I saw the BC SPCA (British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) on that list I immediately signed up. Our dog was rescued by the Vancouver branch of this society and that was where we found him nearly 7 years ago. Now that he's gone I've got this longing to take care of animals that won't go away and I've promised Ian I'd wait a year before rescuing any more.
Anyway, to go to my donation page click on the image below:
Here are some gratuitous shots of Fred and I during happier times:
(Fred was a big time cuddler)
(He didn't mind being hugged and sqeezed)
(Sometimes I'd sqeeze too hard and he'd yelp, but he didn't hold a grudge)
I'd appreciate ANY size contribution ($5 is a nice round number) and if you know anyone who might be sympathetic to the cause please direct them to my donation page.


jeannie said...
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jeannie said...

I love the first pic of fred on the post! Such a sweet looking dog.

Runner Leana said...

Fred looks like such a darling. It is an amazing cause to run for, absolutely. Best of luck!

I Run for Fun said...

Awww...Fred is such a cutie! Good's a wonderful cause.

Ron said...

cute dog! Great cause to run for too.

Jessica said...

great posts and cute pooch. I am partial to dogs!!

Jessica said...

Great pics! I love dogs!!