Sunday, August 10, 2008

Victoria Marathon Training - Week 9

This week extra nice because we got to spend it at our hidaway in Pemberton. We did a lot of napping and reading newspapers. We don't have cable or internet up there so what else does one do? Oh, yeah, we also did some outdoor activities like running, golfing (Ian, not me), mountain biking (again, Ian, not me), barbequing, hiking, and our new fun activitiy - looking for Geocaches. The highlight was our "big" hike - 4 miles at the peak of Whistler. If you look closely at the picture of my handy-dandy GPS Garmin thing-a-ma-bob you can see the elevation reading of 6024 feet. The terrain was not super easy, but interesting. We were walking around on the black diamond ski runs (for non-skiers that means Advanced). Funny to see those familiar slopes in the summer. We did not find any lost gloves, goggles or ski poles. We did however, see a grand total of 4 brown bears (from the safety of the gondola thank goodness). I think our dog Freddie had a nice vacation. He likes to hang around and be lazy (kind of like us), here's a clip of him doing just that on our deck.

Wrapped up the week with a 5K race back in Greater Vancouver (Ladner to be precise, which is part of Delta I think). I was fighting a head cold so I almost flaked out - Ian stayed home and slept in even though he was registered.

Happily all the 5K finishers got medals. I came in 11th overall and 5th among the ladies. My official chip time was 27:25. First time I had the Garmin for a race, big help to see real time info on pace. I think I can still improve, but I need to do more speed training. Back to the track on Tuesday I think....

Just a little housekeeping...I seem to have lost track of my weeks at some point so I have gone from Week 7 to Week 9. Think I'm on track now.

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