Monday, July 21, 2008

Victoria Marathon Training - Week 6 (26K/16m)

Race Report - Divas Only 5K

At about 7:50am a rather intimate group of 24 women started assembling at the start line on the pebble path at Spanish Banks. Wearing my lucky number '3' on my race bib -I was feeling especially optimistic about achieving my 25 minute time goal .

At exactly 8am the horn signalled the start and we were off. Felt good, felt strong, looked like a winner - then at about 8:07am I came to the unfortunate realization that there were NO kilometer markers of any kind. This was not a happy surprise. Not in possession of an electronic pace-management device I did my best to keep a quick but sustainable tempo...

We were told there was only one water stop, at the 2.5K mark (which was also the turn-around point for the out-and back course). Imagine my surprise when I arrived at said water stop in roughly 10 minutes. Right about here is where I started feeling like the pace might not actually be so sustainable. So, I took a short breather of walking and then jogging, and tried to get rid of the sick feeling in my gut. I then set my sights on a lady with the pink top and a bouncing, brown pony-tail about 500m ahead and decided to try to "pick her off"...Almost caught her but then slowed down again (or she sped up) - and I slipped back in the pack.

The worst was yet to come however. I knew that the start and finish where at the exact same spot. I also knew that we had to run a little bit past the finish and then come back after one final turn around. What I didn't realize at all was how far past. Just when I thought I was on pace for a 25 minute finish, I looked up and saw fellow racers running WAY the hell up ahead and around the bend. Sick feeling came back.

Ok, so needless to say I did eventually finish, although not in 25 minutes or less. I DID, however, get my first ever age group win (first out of three in my division) and finished 12th overall (out of only 24 mind you) 27:05. Will try again - stay tuned!

This Week's Training:
50 min. walking
Yasso 800s - 4 x 800m with 400m jogs between
R1: 3:47
R2: 3:52
R3: 4:04
R4: 4:34
R5: 4:03
R6: 3:49
Biking 20 min
9 mi / 14K (11:30 / 7:30 Pace) - BUT there were BIG HILLS!
1 1/2 hours walking
Grouse Grind in 1 hr. 25 min.
30 minutes biking
5K Race - 27:05, 1st in Division!
4 hours walking (and Shopping)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like your marathons were more organized...kudos for the first in your age group! m.