Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Victoria Marathon Training - Week 5 (22.5K/14m)

This was an unplanned "recovery week" due to my big night out on Friday, July 4th in New York City which (if you didn't read last week's post) resulted in something worse than a hangover.

So, yeah, Tuesday's track workout (at Brockton Oval, pictured) was pretty lame. The other runs were just so-so. My long run on Sunday was very nearly a complete write-off. I tried to go out at 9am in Pemberton when it was way hotter than hell outside, which only lasted 17 minutes before I totally gave up feeling defeated. A little panic session followed which involved me questioning my motives...in running, and in life to be honest. Thank goodness, my saintly boyfriend, IB, managed to talk me off the ledge. In the end, I managed to do my 12 mile long run at dusk in Vancouver, which took me all the way around Stanley Park. It was funny to see so many people lining the beaches - sitting on park benches or blankets, or just standing and staring at the sunset. I can't seem to do that - just sit down on the beach and enjoy the view...

Run turned out pretty well - I was even able to run the last mile in about 7 minutes, and my hope is that skill will come in handy in October when I attempt a sub-4-hour marathon.
This week's training:
1 hr. 15 Hatha Yoga
30 min. walking
Yasso 800s - 4 x 800m with 400m jogs between
R1 3:59
R2 4:09
R3 3:55
R4 4:01 - Not a great workout :(
Walking 30 min
6.5K run/walk - Not a good run :(
Walking 50 min
30 min hill workout (ran up E.33rd bet. Main & Mackie 3 times)
Walking 50 min
30 min. walking
12 mi (19K) LSD, 2:06

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