Monday, June 16, 2008

Victoria Marathon Training - Week 1 (28K/17mi)

First week of training - check! Felt great to get started! Especially exciting was my first track workout since 1991 on Tuesday. Friday's race was ok, although I still have yet to reach my lofty goal of a 25 minute 5K....At least I PR'ed (even if it was only by 11 seconds). The fact is I felt like absolute crap almost the whole way. I learned 2 things from that race:

1. I must use my puffer before fast runs

2. I must never again eat a bowl of milk and strawberries 2 hours before a race (what was I thinking???!!!)

In contrast to my lackluster performance - Friday's event was a roaring success for my signif. oth. - IB - who managed a 24:53 finish at his first timed race ever. My good friend, SC, who has progressed from a complete non-runner to a bona fide person-I-can-run-with (mission accomplished!) PR'ed with an impressive sub-29-minute finish! Not too shabby! I belive it's about a 10 minute improvement over her first 5K :)
This week's training:
40 min. bike commuting
45 min. weight training
3 mi/5K speedwork
Yasso 800s - 4 x 800m with 400m jogs between
Interval 1. 3:55
Interval 2. 3:49
Interval 3. 4:00
Interval 4. 3:49
30 min. walking
3 mi / 5K run (9:56 / 5:58 pace)
(Instead of 5 mi / 8K due to schedule)
1 hour walking
30 min. walking
20 min. biking to/from movies
5K RACE - Longest Day 5K Road Race (5:15 PACE)
20 min. bike commuting
8 mi / 13 K long run (10:15 / 6:18 PACE)

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