Sunday, June 8, 2008

"Purgatory" Week- Between Recovery and Training

Well, it's official. As of 9:37 am, Friday, June 6th I am the 659th entrant in the 2008 Royal Victoria Marathon, taking place on Sunday, October 12th. I went back and forth in my mind a lot about this one but finally decided to take the plunge. Monday is the beginning of the 18 week countdown and I figure if I'm not signed up I might have a hard time motivating myself to go out and train. I have been easing back into the routine since the Vancouver Marathon on May 4th (see this week's training below) - and still feel like I'm a long ways off from my peak fitness. But the good news is, my right knee seems to be back to normal after some nagging pain and swelling the last few weeks. I'll be marking the end of Week 1 - Victoria Marathon Training with a 5K race on Friday the 13th...Hoping for a PR (which means 26:20 or less). 18 weeks and I go! Monday Rest 30 min. walking Tuesday 3 mi/5K run Wednesday Rest 30 min. walking Thursday 5 mi/8K run (10:00/6:15 min. pace) 30 min. walking Friday 30 min. walking Saturday 3 mi / 5K intervals (4 x 4 min.) 1 hour walking Sunday 30 min. run 1 hour walking

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