Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Running Bébé Takes Manhattan: Day 4

Today we had a lot of fun exploring the modern galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the Upper East Side. We LOVE modern art. We also saw the important Vermeer exhibit, including the famous painting of "The Milkmaid":
To be honest I'm not really one for Dutch masters. This stuff is way more fun if you ask me:

"Spectrum V" by Ellsworth Kelly, ca. 1969

As usual I was obsessed with finding funny shots at the museum, like this one I took of Ian - which was not staged. He had no idea until he saw this picture.

The painting, "Mark" by Chuck Close ca. 1978-79
Me admiring Jackson Pollock's "Autumn Rhythm (Number 30)", ca.1950

The Mall

After fun at the Museum, we cut back to the West Side across the park. After some pleading on my part, Ian agreed to take a rowboat out on the Lake, something we never got around to the 2 years we lived in the city...

There's a video of me rowing here and one of Ian rowing here.

A good day all around.


Marlene said...

Great photos! Definitely sounds like you're enjoying your time in the city.

How fun going out in a row boat!

Aneta said...

hey, ur in new york! hope ur having fun!!!

just wanted to say hello. I love runners from canada.
i live just outside of toronto!

anyways, love your blog!!!
very interesting and inspiring!

check out my blog:

talk soon!